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The Company

ESPEC is the world’s leading manufacturer of environmental test chambers.

ESPEC, headquartered in Osaka, Japan, was founded in 1947 to offer specialist environmental test equipment that supports the advancement of cutting-edge technologies in a wide range of industrial, energy and commercial sectors.

Espec Europe is based in Dusseldorf, Germany and was established in 2006. Through our European network, we provide a wide range of climatic test chambers and devices for environmental testing and environmental simulation.

Our long list of clients includes aerospace manufacturers, automotive manufacturers, electronics manufacturers, research universities and laboratories. We have delivered projects throughout Europe and across the globe.

ESPEC Europe

ESPEC Fukuchiyama Manufacturing Plant, Japan


ESPEC North America

Unparalleled expertise and experience

Drawing on our unparalleled expertise and experience in environmental test technology,
we offer a complete and flexible consultancy service from conception to project

Within our team we hold a vast amount of knowledge which enables us to recommend
the perfect environmental testing solution to our clients. We place substantial emphasis upon quality and safety.

Whether you are carrying out temperature testing, climate testing, altitude & pressure
testing or combined stress testing, we have the right solution for you.

We offer an extensive range of models and test chambers that will suit most applications.

Through our customer-specific, process-lead customization we can provide a solution for those applications for which we don’t have a standard chamber.

Award winning innovation & environmental responsibility

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional products that have attracted industry recognition. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond product design and quality; we also take our environmental responsibilities seriously.

Both our Rapid Rate Thermal Cycle Chamber and HAST Chamber have won the Good Design Award which recognizes design and quality.

Our SH/SU Series Benchtop Temperature & Humidity Chamber received an iF DESIGN AWARD in 2016. A coveted seal of excellence.

We are a CDP supply chain member to support our suppliers in reducing emissions and strengthening their climate resiliency.

Quality Excellence

We pay the utmost attention to our product quality, understanding that the quality of ESPEC’s products directly leads to the quality of our customers’ products.

In 1993, Espec obtained ISO 9001 certification, the international standard of quality management systems, and we are dedicated to the continuous improvement of our QA program and all aspects of our business to better serve our customers.

We also have established a unique QA system, called EQA (ESPEC QUALITY ASSURANCE, intended to provide customers with true satisfaction in the entire process from product R&D to sales, service, and disposal, in cooperation with ESPEC group companies.

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