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Leading The Way In Environmental And Endurance Testing Of Semiconductor Devices

Semiconductor technology is an integral part of modern society. Semiconductor memories are not only used in microprocessors but also in every electronic device developed for information or communication fields as well as applications in automobiles, airplanes, medical equipment and many other devices. There is therefore an ever-growing need for accurate testing of LSI and flash memories.

To ensure that the products meet industry standards and specifications, leading semiconductor manufacturers rely on Espec environmental test chambers. These test chambers enable them to verify the results of their research and development and manufacturing processes, ensuring that their products are reliable, durable, and perform optimally in any given environment.

Each of the industries which uses Semiconductors has it’s own unique standards and requirements outlining tests for moisture resistance, high temperatures, and salt spray, among other factors.

ESPEC Solution For Semiconductor Testing

ESPEC provides environmental test equipment for wafer level inspection and inspection after packaging and dry processing. We also offer evaluation systems for connectivity evaluation and compact products which are popular for flexible tests:

Thermal Shock Chamber (Air to Air) Elevator Type

Solder Joint Evaluation System Bench-Top Chamber

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