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Supporting the development of the World’s most advanced technologies

The development of 5G communication is pushing the use of higher frequency radio waves, which requires advancements in measurement and testing methods. ESPEC has introduced environmental testing chambers and measurement systems to support the IoT market trends and advancement of 5G technology.

Passive components used in 5G networks are required to work in high frequency and withstand the heat. Around the world ESPEC provides customers in IoT/5G/optical communications markets with thermostatic test chambers and measurement systems for standard compliance evaluations, reliability evaluations, temperature dependency evaluations, temperature characteristic evaluations, and antenna performance evaluations, helping to ensure their reliability and stability in real-world conditions.

Providing optimal test environments that contribute to the development of 5G and IoT technologies

  • Semiconductor wafer, assemblies
  • Power devices
  • Passive components (capacitors / inductors)
  • Printed circuit board resin materials
  • Electronic devices
  • Telecommunications terminal & antenna
  • Base stations
  • Optical transceivers
  • Data centers / storage

ESPEC Solution For IOT And 5G Testing

ESPEC provides measurement systems and environmental test chambers to support you in the execution of temperature characteristics, insulation and joint reliability evaluations, low pressure and temperature tests, temperature cycling chambers for thermal stress test as well as many other applications.

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