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Providing safety & peace of mind

All airborne vehicles by definition are subject to extreme conditions and consequently the aerospace industry places great emphasis on compliance to standards and extreme warranty with rigorous environmental tests procedures demanded for the entire spectrum of aircraft from light general aviation aircraft and helicopters through the jumbo jets and supersonic transport categories. Environmental testing equipment must assure the performance characteristics of airborne equipment in environmental conditions similar to those which may be encountered in operation.

Reliability test support for the World's first asteroid probe

As far back as 2010 ESPEC was awarded a commendation in the space field for its distinguished service on the Hayabusa project. After a 7 year journey in space the Hayabusa probe returned safely to earth with a cargo of samples from an asteroid.

ESPEC has continued to provide support for the development and reliability of leading-edge aerospace technology.

Image © Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

ESPEC Solution For Aerospace & Avionics Testing

ESPEC has extensive experience in assisting avionics manufacturers to test the effects of impact, vibration and heat while in the air and achieve robust, reliable systems from cockpit instrumentation to IFE (In-flight Entertainment). Espec altitude test chambers are trusted throughout the world by aerospace companies for their reliability, accuracy and efficiency.

Altitude, temperature & humidity chamber.

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