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Ensuring the reliability of new energy

The growth in demand for alternative energy devices is exponential.  Espec environmental test chambers are suitable to carry out reliability, safety and performance tests of all devices for power generation, storage and control.

Solar Panels Testing

Significant surge in demand for eco-friendly and cost-effective energy solutions is driving the growth of the solar panel market. These panels must be able to withstand harsh weather conditions, extreme temperatures, and various other environmental factors to ensure they perform optimally over their lifespan. Power generating efficiency and resistance to humidity are particularly essential and need to be tested for.

Environmental testing of solar panels helps manufacturers identify potential weaknesses in their design, improve their durability, and optimise their performance in real-world conditions, which is essential for ensuring the long-term success of solar energy as a sustainable energy source.

ESPEC Solutions For Solar Panel Testing

ESPEC carries out many types of outsourced evaluation testing of solar batteries exposed to demanding environments. We subject solar batteries to thermal cycling testing and temperature/humidity cycle testing in compliance with IEC standard compliance testing, and propose test equipment to meet client test needs.

  • Main test types for solar battery panels
  • Temperature/humidity testing required by IEC and other standards

ESPEC offers a wide variety of solar panel test chambers compliant with IEC and UL requirements. Samples ranging from material components to finished modules can be evaluated. Factors such as desired throughput, testing methodology, floorspace, and budget will affect the final selection. Our chambers can be used for the following test methods:

  • Thermal Cycle Test
  • Humidity Freeze Test Cycling
  • Damp Heat Test
  • Temperature/humidity cycle testing
  • Thermal (heat retention) testing
  • Humidity resistance testing

Extended-height Platinum-series chamber

For testing solar panels up to 1.2m tall.

Solid walk-in chambers

Designed for testing up to 20 PV modules. Can do thermal cycle, humidity-freeze, and 85/85 tests.

Fuel Cells Testing

The growing demand for fuel cells is increasing with the continuing development of fuel cell powered vehicles and fuel cell mounted PCs. With the growth in the Fuel Cell market comes a growing need for Fuel Cell testing.

Espec Solutions For Fuel Cell Testing

ESPEC offers various chambers for the temperature tests and safety related tests required for fuel cells.

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