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Large capacity damper type thermal shock chamber

As the environments in which automotive parts are installed become harsher, accompanied by heightened safety and reliability requirements, the severity of testing also escalates. Thermal shock testing, which evaluates the reliability and durability of test samples under extreme temperature changes, has become an indispensable solution in the automotive industry.

Elevated Demand for Advanced Automotive Technologies
The burgeoning demand for testing advanced automotive technologies, including ADAS, electronic hybrid vehicle powertrains, and batteries, has been on a steady rise. Coupled with the modular strategy in e-mobility development, full-scale testing has become essential to ensure optimal functionality when these technologies are mounted on vehicles. An exemplary case is the eAxle— an all-in-one electric integrating electric motors, gearing, and power electronics in a modular package. With the advent of such innovations, test samples have grown both in size and weight.

Challenges with Traditional Approaches

Traditional thermal shock chambers consist of two separate hot and cold chambers, and the specimen is transferred from one to the other using mobile lifting mechanisms. However, this conventional approach of physically moving the specimen, known as ‘elevator-type’, proves inadequate for testing sizeable or weighty specimens.

Innovating with the Damper Type Chamber

In response to these challenges, ESPEC has pioneered the development of the damper type test chamber. This innovation well established in Japan is also making its mark in Europe. The test chamber features a pre-cooled and pre-heated air-conditioned area alongside a test area.

Conditioned air flows into the test area through dampers, and it circulates cold, hot, or ambient air as needed. Significantly, since the test samples remain stationary, loading and handling even large or heavy specimens becomes easy. Moreover, this design ensures accurate test outcomes, thanks to the elimination of the mechanical vibrations associated with physical transfer mechanisms.

Enhanced Capabilities and Energy Efficiency:

With a remarkable capacity of 600 liters, the ESPEC chamber is well-suited not only for large components but also for simultaneous testing of multiple components. To combat frost buildup in the cold chamber due to circulating air, a special airbag mechanism has been developed that prevents air from entering from outside the equipment during testing, ensuring efficient testing time and energy savings. This groundbreaking mechanism demonstrates optimal functionality when subjected to the standard test parameters, ranging from +125℃ to -40℃, consistently sustained for a minimum duration of 30 minutes. (Japanese patent No.3514735)

This innovative chamber empowers customers to conduct thermal shock testing for evaluating electrical performance post-rapid temperature shifts, assessing mechanical component conformity, durability of materials against temperature fluctuations, and the structural robustness of components under intense stress. As the automotive landscape undergoes a revolution, characterised by the rapid ascent of e-mobility, automotive engineering navigates complexities to meet the demands of the future.

Features and Benefits:

  • Air-to-air for 2-zone (Cold/Hot) and 3-zone (Cold/Ambient/Hot) shock tests
  • Temperature range spanning from -50°C to +150°C
  • Option on request to extend the upper temperature limit to 300°C.
  • Conformance to international and industry test standards such as IEC 60068-2-14Na, ISO 16750-4, and LV 124
  • Test area dimensions (WxHxD): 1200mm x 670mm x 750mm (600 liters)
  • Robust flooring supports up to 300kg
  • Horizontal airflow design ensures uniform results
  • Incorporation of cutting-edge refrigeration technology: electronic expansion valve and scroll compressor
  • Power consumption savings
  • Easy access to specimens via cable ports or door notch port, thanks to the stationary test area. Choose the access ports from various sizes and designs to fit your cables.
  • The chamber floor is equipped with openings for a hand lift truck which allow a comfortable specimen carry-in & carry-out.
  • Maintenance monitor and failure signs notification to support daily and preventive maintenance on the operation panel, through network or by email. For preventive maintenance, the maintenance warning function signals potential refrigeration system failures before the chamber comes to a stop.

In an era of automotive evolution, this chamber emerges as an indispensable instrument for precise and robust testing. Seamlessly marrying technological innovation with industry demands, it paves the way towards an unwavering automotive future.

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