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At ESPEC, we take great pride in manufacturing top-tier environmental test chambers that play a pivotal role in helping companies across various industries ensure the reliability and quality of their products. Just a few weeks ago, our esteemed distributor in Italy, Seneco s.r.l, participated in the “Automation & Testing” trade fair in Vicenza, Italy, which took place from 25th to 27th October. This event, known as A&T, provided a platform for Seneco s.r.l to exhibit and demonstrate solutions by integrating our ESPEC climate chambers with JULABO cooling chillers.

The Synergy of Climate Chambers and Cooling Chillers

The combination of climate chambers and cooling chillers facilitates the testing and advancement of specimens that generate significant heat loads, such as inverters, motors, electronic control units, and batteries utilizing coolant with a temperature range covering from -40°C to 105°C.  The primary purpose of combining the two is to cool or thermally control the test sample within the climatic chamber.

At the exhibition, Seneco presented a powerful combination, featuring our ESPEC PL-2J and SH-262 climate chambers alongside JULABO’s W50 cooling chiller.

Seneco used the show to present how this integrated solution can address the unique requirements of automotive testing, with specific emphasis on E-motors, E-Axles, battery packs, and more. The chillers play a vital role in speeding up the testing and ensuring the required cooling for EV technology development and for creating test environments for production processes.

The combined chamber and chiller offer customers the flexibility to choose a more economical climate chamber without sacrificing performance. This is particularly beneficial for those working within budget constraints while striving for energy efficiency.

ESPEC, Seneco and JULABO are excited about the endless possibilities this integrated solution can offer, and we look forward to working with our valued customers to address their unique testing needs. Together, we’re paving the way for innovation in environmental testing within the automotive industry. If you’re considering how to tackle high heat load testing, reach out to us.

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