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FD series large capacity environmental test chamber

In industries spanning from automotive to electronics and beyond, the demand for precise temperature and humidity testing of large specimens is growing. Introducing the FD Series large capacity Test Chamber from Espec—tailored to meet the diverse testing needs across numerous industries. The FD Series expertly manages large specimens, including electric vehicle powertrains and advanced display technologies, for temperature and humidity testing with precision and efficiency.

Tailored Performance & Versatile Chamber Layout for Varied Applications

The FD Series Test Chamber offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing users to select the size and performance specifications that best suit their testing requirements. The customizable chamber layout, allows users to tailor the setup according to their specific space constraints and sample sizes. From single battery packs to bulky E-Axles, the FD Series can accommodate a diverse array of test specimens with ease. Whether you’re evaluating battery packs for electric vehicles, conducting long-term tests on E-Axles, or scrutinizing the durability of pillar-to-pillar displays, the FD Series delivers uncompromising performance across a wide range of applications.

Key Features

  • Temperature & Humidity Range: With a temperature range of -70 to +180℃ and humidity range of 20 to 98% RH, the FD Series ensures precise control over environmental conditions, essential for accurate and reliable testing.
  • Temperature Fluctuation: With a minimal temperature fluctuation of ±0.5K (up to +100℃) and ±0.8K (beyond +100℃), the FD Series guarantees consistency and reproducibility in test results.
  • Temperature Change Rate: With a maximum temperature change rate of approximately 7.0K/min, users can accelerate test cycles without compromising accuracy.
  • High Heat Load Capacity: Capable of handling heat loads of up to 29kW, the FD Series accommodates a wide range of test scenarios, from small-scale PCBs to large EV powertrains.

Application Highlights

  • Secondary Batteries: With the proliferation of hybrid and electric vehicles, the demand for secondary batteries has surged. The FD Series simplifies the testing process for large EV batteries, thanks to its capacity to handle multiple units simultaneously and its wide range of safety features.
  • E-Axles: The FD Series provides optimal environmental conditions for E-Axle components, enabling long-term testing with minimal equipment management requirements.
  • Pillar-to-Pillar Displays: Leveraging specialized shelves and features, the FD Series is perfectly suited for testing the innovative pillar-to-pillar display technology, ensuring its reliability and performance in real-world conditions.
  • DC Chargers: Effortlessly accommodating large DC chargers and associated wiring, the FD Series streamlines the testing process, saving time and reducing operator workload.

The unmatched versatility of the FD Series, precise control over temperature and humidity, and seamless integration with a wide range of applications make it the go-to solution for industries at the forefront of innovation. With the FD Series, manufacturers can confidently validate the performance and reliability of their products, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and durability in today’s competitive market landscape.

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