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As Europe gears up for a forecasted substantial increase in the number of 300mm wafer fabs by 2026, the semiconductor industry faces a growing demand for robust testing methodologies to ensure the reliability of integrated circuits (ICs) and non-IC products. Highly Accelerated Stress Testing (HAST) emerges as a critical Reliability Test tool, offering efficiency and precision in evaluating components for deployment in the challenging automotive environment.


HAST, or Highly Accelerated Stress Testing, is a methodology recommended by the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) to establish standards for reliable and high-quality electronic components. The THB method, which they recommend, places devices in high temperature and high humidity conditions while applying a voltage bias to the device to accelerate corrosion within the device.

By using HAST, the components are exposed to high temperatures and pressures while maintaining 85% humidity, achieving a significant reduction in test time compared to traditional methods.

The primary purpose of employing HAST is to expedite the testing process without compromising the accuracy of results. Components meeting HAST specifications are deemed suitable for use in harsh automotive environments without the need for additional component-level qualification testing.

How ESPEC can help: The EHS-432 Large Capacity HAST Chamber

In response to the industry’s evolving needs, Espec offers the EHS-432M, a Large Capacity HAST chamber designed for bias testing with applied voltage and signal. The EHS-432 is designed to meet the stringent requirements of bias testing in Semiconductor components.

Key attributes of this cutting-edge chamber include:

  • Large Capacity: Accommodating 300mm wafers, the chamber is ideal for mass processing of small specimens.
  • High Efficiency: Capable of testing multiple wafers simultaneously, ensuring high throughput in the testing process.
  • High-Voltage Compatibility: Equipped with multi-pins, supporting high-voltage and high-current applications. An option allows the addition of up to 240 pins.
  • Versatile Wiring: The slide tray enables wiring in open space, with an optional slide shelf terminal block for added convenience.

The HAST chamber offers an array of control functions to cater to diverse testing needs. Choose between unsaturated control and wet-saturated control for flexibility in test conditions. This versatility enables the chamber’s application in pressure cooker tests and unsaturated pressure cooker tests.

EHS-432 features:

  • Temperature Range: Operating within a temperature range of +105 to 162.2°C, the chamber ensures a versatile environment for conducting HAST tests on semiconductor specimens.
  • Humidity Range: With a humidity range spanning from 75 to 100%RH, the chamber adheres to the Automotive Electronics Council’s recommendation of maintaining 85% humidity during HAST, ensuring accurate and reliable results.
  • Inner Dimensions of the two available models:
    • EHS-432: 548x560mm (130L capacity)
    • EHS-432L: 560x760mm (180L capacity)

The HAST chamber’s capability to conduct saturated and unsaturated tests in shorter durations compared to traditional methods makes it a crucial asset for adhering to standards such as IEC-68-2-66, IEC749, EIAJ ED-4701, and other industry benchmarks.

Test Examples:

The EHS-432 HAST chamber facilitates various critical tests, including:

  • Wire Bonding Conduction Evaluation: Semiconductor packages subjected to 130°C/85%rh for 100 hours.
  • LED Humidity Degradation Evaluation: Testing LED specimens at 105°C/87%rh for 250 hours.
  • Whisker Evaluation: Printed board specimens enduring 120°C/85%rh for 2500 hours.
  • Migration Evaluation: Printed board specimens exposed to 110°C/85%rh for 100 hours and 130°C/85%rh for 400 hours.

As the semiconductor landscape in Europe evolves, Espec’s EHS-432M stands at the forefront, providing the industry with a reliable and efficient solution for HAST, ensuring the continued success of 300mm wafer fabs. Contact ESPEC Europe for more details about the large capacity HAST chamber and various options.

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