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HALT / HASS  (Highly Accelerated Limit Test/(Highly Accelerated Stress Screen) is a test system for quickly detecting product weaknesses in product development and quickly eliminating potential defects in the manufacturing process.

For over 30 years, Qualmark has been a North American industry leader in accelerated test equipment. In 2016, Qualmark merged with global industry leader ESPEC. Combining Qualmark’s high-quality products with the cutting-edge technology and global reach offered by ESPEC paved the way for higher quality HALT/HASS technologies than ever before.

Highly Accelerated Life Testing & Highly Accelerated Stress Screen
Qualmark HALT/HASS

  • Industry‘s most popular HALT chambers
  • Up to 100 ° C/min., -100 to 200 ° C
  • HALT testing chamber combine extreme temperature cycling and repetitive shock/vibration
  • Portable HALT System for small laboratories and experimental use available
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