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A specialized chamber designed for safe testing of battery charge and discharge is of paramount importance to evaluate the longevity of batteries, such as lithium-ion batteries. These tests carry the risk of gas leakage, ignition, smoking or even destruction. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure the safety of individuals, equipment and the laboratory from such hazardous situations.

Espec BTC chambers are equipped with proven safety devices that protect against these dangers. The BTC has been specifically designed to prioritize safety, equipped with a large, reusable pressure relief vent that ensures safe pressure release in the event of a battery explosion. Furthermore, additional safety devices can be incorporated as required. This safe and eco-friendly tester will provide comprehensive support to your testing requirements.

Optimal Layout

In order to carry out efficient and safe battery charging and discharging tests, it is necessary to consider the layout of the laboratory with respect to the wiring to the battery cells. Efficient wiring to the battery cells can increase the safety of the experimental area and save space. This is determined by the positioning of the cable entry points in the chamber. The BTC chamber features square cable ports on both sides and a round cable port at the back, allowing customers to create an optimal layout.

Depending on the battery cell type and cables connected to it, airflow within the chamber may be obstructed, thus affecting the quality of the test. In such cases, simply repositioning the battery cells may not be the solution. The BTC chamber provides the flexibility to select the direction of the wind, thereby minimizing blockages caused by cell shape and realizing tests with minimal temperature difference.

EUCAR Hazard Levels

We have a number of safety features that can be added to our chambers to ensure safe environmental testing of batteries. These measures are based on our experience and the EUCAR Hazard Level guidelines.

EUCAR Hazard Levels table from this page.

Before selecting the appropriate safety options, it is important to carefully examine the characteristics of the sample and the testing conditions. Our safety features can be customized according to the specific requirements of each customer.

For further information, please contact us.

Model Comparison

Model BTC-560Hb1 BTC-560VB1 BTC-1120Hb1 BTC-1120VB1
Wind direction in the text area Left to right Bottom to top Left to right Bottom to top
Temp. range -40 to +100℃ -40 to +100℃ -40 to +100℃ -40 to +100℃
Temp. change rate: Temp. range -26℃⇔+86℃ -26℃⇔+86℃ -26℃⇔+86℃ -26℃⇔+86℃
Temp. change rate: Heat-up rate 2.1K/min 2.1K/min 2.1K/min 2.1K/min
Temp. change rate: Cool-down rate 2.2K/min 2.2K/min 2.2K/min 2.2K/min
Air temperture deviation 1.5℃ 1.5℃ 2.5℃ 2.5℃
Allowable heat load 2000W
(stabilized at +20℃)
(stabilized at +20℃)
(stabilized at +20℃)
(stabilized at +20℃)
Capacity 560L 560L 1120L 1120L
Internal dimensions W800×H1000×D700㎜ W800×H1000×D700㎜ W1600×H1000×D700㎜ W1600×H1000×D700㎜
External dimensions W1250×H2195×D1406㎜ W1250×H2195×D1406㎜ W2050×H2195×D1406㎜ W2050×H2195×D1406㎜
Breaker capacity AC400V 3φ 30A AC400V 3φ 30A AC400V 3φ 50A AC400V 3φ 50A

Standard equipment on all models includes:

  • 4pcs.approx.100mmφ, back side cable port
  • Square cable port(Rigth/Left)
  • Door lock, Large pressure-relief vent, Frost-free
  • Reinforced test area floor(300kg)
  • Emergency stop switch, 3-color status indicator tower
  • External input/output terminal, Sheathed heater
  • Ethenet port(LAN)

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By submitting your request you agree to the processing of your data for the purpose of processing your request.
Data Protection Declaration and Revocation Notices

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