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Compact Test Chambers

ESPEC benchtop compact environmental test chambers, available in 20L and 64L capacities, deliver environmental testing performance in a compact unit.

  • Saves footprint with its compact design
  • Option stand (low and high stands with casters) optimise your testing space
  • Run on standard 230V power, enabling easy installation
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Standard Reach-In Test Chambers

The Espec standard reach-in environmental test chambers range is designed for a broad range of testing applications.

Temperature and humidity chambers are an excellent choice for thermal cycling, steady state conditioning, product reliability testing, and other applications.

  • Internal volume from 120L to 1430L
  • Various temperature ranges from -70°C to +180°C
  • Mobile, compact design, Space-saving installation
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Walk-In Test Chambers

ESPEC walk-in environmental test chambers provide a large volume, temperature and humidity-controlled environment to test large components, assemblies, and finished products.

  • Flexible panelized walk in test chambers
  • Solid Walk-In test chamber for extreme test conditions
  • "Eco-mode": to keep power consumption down during constant operation
  • Air-conditioning unit selected based on chamber volume and specimen heat load
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Battery Test Chambers

Espec offer a new standard of test chambers for battery charge/discharge that support the increase in size and capacity of secondary batteries.

  • Manufactured to meet UL, IEC, SAE and EUCAR 1- 6 standards
  • Accommodate battery cells & modules to large battery packs
  • Espec know-how for Li-ion battery test since 1990s in Japan
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Thermal Shock Test Chambers

ESPEC offers unique damper type thermal shock featuring a fixed test chamber without any mechanical impact on test samples and traditional elevator type of thermal shock chamber.

  • Damper type Thermal shock (Two-zone, Three-zone) (TSA)
  • Elevator type (Two-zone) (TSD / TSE)
  • Liquid to Liquid type Widely compatible to international standards
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HAST Chambers

HAST chambers (Highly Accelerated Stress Test Systems) are used for tests that require temperatures above 100°C and very severe humidity and pressure conditions to measure component reliability with or without electrical bias. HAST testing accelerates the stresses of the more traditional tests in a controlled manner to uncover flaws and corrosion failures in a very short period of time. The M-type chamber conforms to the IEC60068-2-66 standard.

  • Unsaturated control and wet saturated control available
  • Potential free switching contact
  • Double stack model able to conduct 2 different tests at the same time
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Industrial Ovens

ESPEC's precision industrial ovens are used for high-temperature testing, as well as heat treatment and drying.

Two types of standard models are available: the space-saving PV vertical ovens and the PH horizontal ovens. Both provide horizontal airflow for even exposure to all samples. Control constancy as low as ±0.1°C and uniformity as low as ±0.5°C ensures accurate operation. An exhaust damper is included to ventilate the oven and allow quick cool-down.

  • Ranging from high-temperature tests to drying and heat processing
  • Ideal for laboratory and production
  • Temperature range up to 700°C
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Altitude Test Chambers

ESPEC high altitude test chambers provide a testing environment under reduced pressure. They are ideal for the evaluation of electronic components for vehicles which may be driven at higher elevations and for the evaluation of components intended for use in aircraft.

Pressure can be set up to an altitude of 100,000 feet and temperature set as low as -70°C

  • Altitude range from ground to 100,000 feet
  • Temperature range from -70 to 180°C
  • Optional humidity control when altitude system is off
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Evaluation & Measurement Systems

Espec evaluation and measurement systems are used in reliability evaluation of products in the electronic device market under temperature and humidity stress.

  • Insulation resistance evaluation test (electro-chemical migration)
  • Conductor resistance evaluation test (joint reliability test)
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HALT/HASS Chambers

HALT (Highly Accelerated Limit Test)/HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screen) is a test system for quickly detecting product weaknesses in product development and quickly eliminating potential defects in the manufacturing process. It is most frequently used for reliability evaluation of aircraft, automobiles, and electrical product parts. HALT/HASS is not intended to predict product reliability (life expectancy), but to apply "strong stress" that exceeds product specifications to find the product's operating limit and destruction limit.

  • Industry’s most popular HALT chambers (HALT = Highly Accelerated Life Testing)
  • HASS Chambers (HASS = Highly Accelerated Stress Screening)
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Test Chamber Management Software

ESPEC network-based remote test chamber management tools and central control systems allow users to check the chamber operating conditions & manage testing processes remotely.

  • Online Core
  • Online converter
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US Models

Our range of US-manufactured test chambers have been designed and manufactured to cater to the specific needs of our valued US customers. Those with European manufacturing hubs can now easily procure the same chambers, ensuring consistency and compatibility across their global operations. We are pleased to offer these US-manufactured models as an additional option for our customers.

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